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I've been a professional photographer since 2009. Though, as one of my favorite movie quotes paints:

"I've been a photographer all my life, long before I owned a camera." - Sabrina Fairchild


Friends & family often say that I see the world differently, that I see people differently - they're right. Photography for me is so much more than simply creating a beautiful image. It's about capturing authenticity - the natural beauty that IS each and every one of us. It's about allowing my perspective to translate in to art through the hearts of those I'm lucky enough to find in front of my lens. It's about creating a moment that will last forever ... a meaningful moment forever captured with the click of a shutter.


 I shoot a wide variety of personalized photo sessions, as well as events:


  • Personal Portraits

  • Family / Children

  • Engagement / Couples

  • Boudoir

  • Intimate Weddings

  • Event & Intimate Venue Performances  



Most importantly, I take the time necessary to listen to my clients - to know exactly what they want to see, feel, capture ... remember for the rest of their lives. I maintain a laid-back approach, inviting clients to relax and enjoy their experience, having a ton of fun along the way!

After all, it's about capturing your personality & authentic self, right?


It's about you.

Let's make some memories!